Opportunities with RANI

Buyer Agent Commissions

Competitive escalating commissions paid for co-op sales executed by you, the RANI Buyer Agent.

Referral Commissions

  • Simple call-in/e-mail referrals
  • Nationwide referrals for buyers & sellers in any state
  • RANI handles from start to finish

Education Programs
Continuing & Post-License

Education options available for Leasing, Broker and Managing Broker Associates through RANI and the Real Estate Institute.

Broker Assistance

  • Contracts
  • Presentation Counseling
  • Coaching

Agent Resources 24/7

RANI's members-only Agent Resources website allows 24/7 access to online contracts, training, procedures, marketing materials, preferred vendors and other useful information.

License Maintenance support by RANI

  • Full-time office with experienced staff and brokers.
  • Ongoing filing and processing of necessary paperwork to keep license Active with the IDFPR.

Here is the freedom to control your own life

Don't forfeit your license after you have invested time and money.

You now have an opportunity to use your license and get a financial return

Join RANI for just $75 per year

Recent Commissions

  • Mark:  $39,690 - one sale
  • Virginia:  $23,035 -one referral & one sale
  • Ellen:  $7,460 - owner purchase
  • Alex:  $12,800 - one sale
  • Lynn:  $10,725 - owner  purchase
  • Dan:  $55,885 - three referrals & three sales
  • Jim:  $12,030 - one sale
  • Irene:  $39,705 - two sales

Minus all the bad stuff

RANI agents do not belong to a real estate association or an MLS and they do not pay insurance premiums or franchise fees.  Also, they had:

* No Office Duties

* No Floor Time

* No Meetings

* No Farming

* No Additional Fees or Dues

* No Sales Requirements

​Agent Resources
Training & Procedures

As an added benefit of membership, RANI offers a 24/7 website designed to provide agents with valuable training, resources and important documents necessary to a successful real estate business. View detailed procedures for working under Realty Associates Network's sponsorship, along with the most current laws and rules requiring your compliance. Of course, our knowledgeable office staff and managing brokers are also available for any questions, guidance and coaching.

Log in to access information on:

  • How to earn commissions - procedures
  • Networking tools and tips
  • Valuable information to share with prospects/clients
  • How to represent buyers - procedures
  • Purchase Contract tutorial
  • Negotiating
  • How to recognize and place a referral - procedures
  • Necessary contracts and documents - procedures
  • Preferred Vendors
  • Links to the most current laws & required compliance
go to Agent Resources *members only*