Opportunities with RANI

Buyer Agent Commissions:

Competitive escalating commissions paid for co-op sales executed by you, the RANI Buyer Agent.

Referral Commissions:

  • Simple call-in referrals
  • RANI handles from start to finish

Continuing Education Programs:

Convenient home and online study options available for Leasing, Broker and Managing Broker Associates through RANI and the Real Estate Institute.

Broker Assistance:
  • Contracts
  • Presentation Counseling
  • Coaching

Additional Training:

  • We occasionally offer seminars covering informative topics.
  • Agent Resources website allows 24/7 access to online contracts, training and procedures.

License Maintenance Support by RANI:

  • Full-time office with experienced staff and brokers.
  • Ongoing filing and processing of necessary paperwork to keep license Active with the IDFPR.

Most RANI members are licensees who have retired, put their real estate career on hold to pursue other careers or merely want to reduce their costs. By maintaining their active license with RANI, these members have easily earned thousands of dollars with easy-to-do referrals, representing buyers and purchasing property for themselves.
Want to become a member of RANI for just $75 per year? See below!

Here are a few examples of members who have recently taken advantage of keeping their license active with RANI:

Mark:  $39,690 - one  sale

Virginia:  $23,035 -one  referral & one sale

Ellen:  $7,460 - owner  purchase

Alex:  $12,800 - one  sale

Lynn:  $10,725 - owner  purchase

Dan:  $55,885 - three referrals & three sales

Jim:  $12,030 - one sale

Irene:  $39,705 - two sales

These agents do not belong to a real estate association or an MLS and they do not pay insurance premiums or franchise fees.  Also, they had:

* No Office Duties

* No Floor Time

* No Meetings

* No Farming

* No Additional Fees or Dues

* No Minimum Sales Requirements

Here is FREEDOM to control your own life. Don't forfeit your license after you have invested time and money.
You now have an opportunity to use your license and get a financial return

Join RANI and experience the benefits thousands of licensees have found with minimal effort. Furthermore, once you are a member, your license remains in an Active status, which gives you the opportunity to represent buyers, assist prospects nationwide and earn commissions.


**NOTE: The IDFPR is in the process of moving all license transfers and applications online. Please contact us for current instructions.

You can get started by creating an account on the IDFPR Online Services Portal and requesting your license be transferred to Realty Associates Network Inc (license#: 478-008097). Prior to us approving your transfer, we will need you to complete a few required documents.

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