General License Info

All Illinois Broker and Leasing Licenses expire every even year, with Managing Brokers expiring every odd year. An “expired"/"non-renewed" or “inoperative” (no sponsoring broker) license status means the licensee cannot practice real estate. That equates to no commissions, referral fees or representing yourself on purchases. RANI encourages licensees to place their license in our unique company, putting it in an “Active” status with the IDFPR, for use when opportunities arise. RANI promotes the use of the license, primarily for referrals and buyer representation, by offering generous compensation plans.

For more information on keeping your license active:
Visit the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) on the web, or call them at (800) 560-6420.

To view the status of your license, visit the IDFPR License Search page.
Access your digital printable license and wallet card on the IDFPR's eLicense Search page .

Continuing Education / Renewal

Broker Licenses expired April 30, 2018!
If you missed it, you can still renew!

1. Education:
Prior to renewal you will need to complete the required education: 12 hours of Continuing Education OR the 30-hour post-licensure education (if 2018 was your first renewal as a Broker), as notated on the IDFPR CE Fact sheet.

2. Renewal with the IDFPR:
After completing all required education, you can still renew on IDFPR's BROKER RENEWAL PORTAL.

Missed a renewal deadline?

If your Leasing, Broker or Managing Broker License

has been "non-renewed" for less than 5 years,


Call our office for instructions and forms.

Remember: prior to renewing your license, all required Education must be completed in accordance with the IDFPR's Restoration rules:


License expired for less than 2 years, you must:

  • complete required Continuing Education for most recent renewal



License expired for 2-5 years, you must:

  • complete required Continuing Education for most recent renewal
  • complete additional education:
    • 15 hours for Leasing Agents, 30 hours for Brokers, 45 hours for Managing Brokers.

*You may not be able to do a late-renewal if you are newly licensed and missed your 1st renewal.

For our agents’ convenience, the current Office Policies will always be available here.

Although you will be e-mailed regarding any changes, we recommend occasionally checking for updates.

Updated: 9-19-13